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What's up, fellow FC enthusiasts? I'm OVI, and today we have EAFC 24 Coins an incredibly important tutorial for you. Get ready to dive into the latest and most meta trick that EA has introduced in FC 24. It's called the Advanced Controlled Sprint, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. This new feature has taken the FC community by storm and is being widely used by both professional players and casual gamers alike. Whether you're playing Division Rivals or any other game mode, this move will revolutionize your gameplay. So, let's jump right in and learn how to perform this jaw-dropping move.

The Advanced Controlled Sprint:

To execute the Advanced Controlled Sprint, all you need to do is press and hold R1 on your PlayStation controller or RB on your Xbox controller. While holding the button, use the left analog stick to move in the desired direction—forward, left, or right. As you perform this move, you'll notice that your player keeps the ball extremely close to their body while advancing rapidly. This unique blend of speed and ball control is what sets the Advanced Controlled Sprint apart from traditional movements in the game.

The Art of Hiding the Ball:

The primary advantage of the Advanced Controlled Sprint is that it allows you to effectively hide the ball from defenders. By employing this technique, you can maneuver past opponents with ease, leaving them grasping at thin air. This move acts as a shield, making it challenging for defenders to anticipate your next move. Now, let's take a closer look at some examples to truly grasp the power of this incredible trick.

Example 1: Wing Play Domination

Picture this: you're attacking down the wing, and you receive a short pass. Instead of sprinting recklessly and potentially losing control, you opt for the Advanced Controlled Sprint. With this move, you glide past the defender smoothly, maintaining possession and delivering a simple pass into the box. The opponent's defense crumbles, and you have a clear chance to score.

Example 2: Overpowering Defenders

The Advanced Controlled Sprint truly shines when it comes to overpowering defenders. Imagine your opponent playing passively on defense. This move becomes your secret weapon. By keeping the ball close on the wing, you seamlessly navigate past defenders, leaving them in your wake. The opponent's defense becomes nothing more than a speed bump on your path to victory.

The Right Analog Stick: A Game-Changing Addition

While performing the Controlled Sprint, an additional element comes into play—the right analog stick. Pressing the right analog stick results in a long touch in the direction you've pushed it. This small but crucial detail adds another layer of creativity to your gameplay. For instance, you can use it to create space, deceive defenders, or set up the perfect scoring opportunity.

Example 3: Creating Opportunities

In this example, we have Martinelli positioned on the left side of the pitch, just outside the opponent's penalty box. By combining the Controlled Sprint with a right analog stick movement to the right, we exploit the space available. The result? Martinelli glides past the center back and goalkeeper, leaving them helpless as you slot the ball into the net.

Example 4: Delicate Elegance

The Controlled Sprint isn't just about brute force. It also allows for elegant and delicate maneuvers. Watch as the fullback lunges for a tackle but fails to make contact. The Controlled Sprint's finesse forces opponents to mistime their tackles, giving you the upper hand.

Example 5: Unlocking Dead Positions

Even in seemingly dead positions, the Controlled Sprint combined with the right analog stick can work wonders. By executing these moves with precision, you can deceive the center back and find yourself in a perfect one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. It's a goal-scoring opportunity that seemed impossible just moments before.

Mastering the Advanced Controlled Sprint in FC 24 is essential if you want to take your gameplay to the next level. This game-changing trick allows you to control the ball, outpace defenders, and add fluidity to your movements. By hiding the ball from opponents and utilizing the right analog stick, you can create scoring opportunities and dominate the pitch. So, get out there, practice this incredible move, and watch your opponents tremble in fear. Don't forget to drop a like and leave a comment, letting me know what FC 24 Coins for sale you'd like to see next. Until then, stay tuned for more tutorials, and let's aim for over 1000 likes on the upcoming defending tutorial. Together, we'll conquer the FC 24 meta!

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